Ultimate guide to Swagbucks, how to maximize points in 2020

Whether you are a new member or a long-term member, this guide can definitely help you discover the highest paying tasks to help you earn the most income from Swagbucks.

Welcome to this 2020 Swagbucks guide! Here you will find all the ways to earn Swagbucks points and finally get free branded gift cards. Whether you are a new member or a long-term member, this guide can definitely help you discover the highest paying tasks to help you earn the most income from Swagbucks.

Before starting to discuss each task, let us introduce some basic knowledge for all newbies.

-Swagbucks uses a point system to calculate your income, called SB, which is short for Swagbucks points. 1 SB equals 1 cent, so 500 SB equals $5.

-All SB earned in your account must be redeemed within two years from the date of receiving these points. If you do not use them within the specified time, they will expire and will no longer be available.

Sign up for promotions and free SB points

Now you can register here, and some promotions will start your income. The first one is just to join.

-Register through our link, if you get 300 SB reward within 30 days before the registration date, you will get 300 SB reward. You must use the link below to get the reward.

Register our link now

*Please make sure you verify your email address and account and they will send you an email, so please don’t ignore it. This is the requirement that you must redeem the reward.

-You can get a $10 sign-up bonus when you spend $25 at any store through Swagbucks Shop. This promotion does require you to activate this bonus to your account. You will be able to activate this reward in the “Loot” section. This must also be done within 30 days of your registration.


The SwagButton alerts you when valid coupon codes are available while you are online shopping, as well as, alerts you if the site you are on offers cashback. Not to mention oftentimes Swagbucks issues Swagbutton only Swag Codes that must be entered in via the button. If you have yet to do so I highly recommend adding it to your Computer now.

Click Here To ADD The Swagbutton Now

Setting up your Swagbucks account to maximize earnings

– Complete your profile and learn how to earn SB rewards and this will earn you 32 SB

– Install the Swag button (more about this below) to receive 50 SB

– On the left-hand side of your screen turn on Daily Goals. Details about how to use this to earn free SB below

– At the top of your screen place your mouse over “Answer” and click surveys. Enter in your age/gender and birthday to earn 2 SB. This will also help them target surveys (which is one of the tasks to earn SB) that better relate to you.

– Answering survey profile questions will give you 2 SB for every 10 questions answered.

– Enroll in the Member Recognition Program. This program is based on lifetime SB earning. There are 10 levels of recognition. Each with their own benefits and rewards. The lowest level is a pearl and the highest level a diamond. To sign up go to My Account section located at the top right and hit enroll now. There is a 250 lifetime SB minimum to start earning benefits associated with this program. The reason I am mentioning this in the setup section is that you can go ahead and enroll now you don’t have to wait till you reach 250 SB. Then once you reach that level you will automatically begin earning rewards from the program

Daily Swagbucks Tasks

Maximize your SB earning by completing your daily ” To do list”. You can earn up to 2 SB bonuses daily for completing all listed items, which will be immediately credited to your account. Each day your to-do list will include a mixture of these 10 items listed below, next to each task on your list you will see a blue checkmark meaning you have completed that task.

Daily Search: You can complete this task by clicking daily search on your to-do list or use the Swagbucks search which is probably the easiest. No SB earned, but this will complete this task for the day and give you the possibility to each a search reward.

Deal of the day: From your to-do list click on Deal of the Day to complete this task. Your SB earnings will change daily.

Daily Poll: Simply answer the daily poll to receive 1 SB and completes this task off your to-do list.

Attempt Gold Survey: Just by attempting and being rejected this will give you at least 1-5 SB as well as complete this task from your to-list.

Complete a Gold Survey: Depending on the survey you have chosen will determine how much SB is rewarded.

Daily Activity: Logging in to your Swagbucks app or through you Swagbutton will complete this task.

Daily Watch: Depending on the playlist you chose from (Watch or ncrave) will determine your SB earnings. Potentially 1-3 SB.

Daily Discover: Earn 1 SB by discovering the daily deal.

In-Store Deals Activity: No purchase necessary to complete, simply add on an in-store deal to your shopping cart.

In-Store Cash Back: No purchase necessary to complete the task. Click “add off” you will be prompted to add a credit card, but nothing will be charged to it.

Daily/Total Goal

If you reach your total or daily goal each day you will earn bonus SB. To the left of your Swagbucks inbox, you will find your daily goal. When you reach the daily goal, Goal 1, you will earn bonus SB which will then count toward your winning streaks. When you reach your Total Goal your bonus SB earned will be larger. However, whether you reach your Total Goal or not will not affect your winning streaks. The more often that you complete the daily and total goals they will get harder to complete, therefore making your SB bonus increase.

Winning Streaks

Depending on the length of your winning streak will determine your bonus SB earnings.

7 days in a row – 25 SB bonus
14 days in a row – 100 SB bonus
21 days in a row – 200 SB bonus
Each day in the month – 300 SB bonus

SB earnings from Daily and winning streaks get paid out every month on the 5th. Make sure you claim these earning in the Daily Goal Section, Check Status, and Claim.

Guide Takeaway:

I hope you find this detailed Swagbucks guide insightful whether you are a newbie or a Swagbucks veteran. With so many options available to earn SB it can be a bit overwhelming or sometimes you just might forget everything available for you to maximize your SB earnings. Use this guide to create a plan that works for you and be sure to check back for any new updates. Swagbucks is always adding and improving. Subscribe below you so don’t miss any SB points!